Safaricom Launches Get Hook – A Revolutionary Gen Z App

Safaricom, Kenya’s largest telecommunication giant, is known for its innovative inventions, and the Get Hook’d platform is no exception.

Safaricom Youth Platform Hook'd

Launched in Eldoret, Safaricom Hook is an engagement platform aiming at empowering Kenyan youths in various areas, including career, technology, and culture. This aligns with Safaricom’s dedication to helping young people leverage the transformative power of technology.

Through Safaricom Hook, we aim to provide a platform for young Kenyans seeking inspiration, opportunities, and a sense of belonging in a constantly evolving world. As the name suggests, Safaricom wants to create a lasting connection with a generation that has unique needs,”

Therefore, Gen Z can utilize the platform to lead a digital lifestyle and maximize their online potential. Typically, Get Hook’d aims to cater to the diverse interests of individuals aged 10 to 24 years old.

Mr Ndegwa also emphasized that Safaricom has joined forces with various partners to provide opportunities within the abovementioned focal areas.

“We have established partnerships with approximately 14 tech companies, including Meta and Wowzi, which offer tools and training programs to prepare these youths for the opportunities ahead. We have also collaborated with accredited TVET institutions with the same goal in mind,”

Key ‘Hooks’ in the Safaricom Get Hook’d Platform

The Safaricom Get Hook’d app focuses on three pillars dubbed “hooks”. They include:

  •  Tech Hook: Safaricom aims to empower youth with digital skills for a tech future. This includes platforms such as Safaricom’s Digital Talent Programme and the Safaricom Engineering Community. Safaricom will also partner with various organizations, including Power Learn Project.
  • Career Hook: Prepares Gen Z for conventional and unconventional careers. Safaricom will work with partners like Meta, Brighter Monday, and Wowzi.
  • Culture Hook:Safaricom aims to help the youth pursue their passion. This comes to life through theSafaricom Chapa Dimba, the upcoming Safaricom Athletics series for sports, and the Baze platform for content creators looking to monetize their talents. ArtLift will be onboard as a partner for those passionate about fashion, mentoring, and nurturing emerging designers through their programs.

The Safaricom Hook will also promote a saving culture through the M-PESA Go and the Mali wealth management platform.

With “Get Hook’d,” Safaricom aspires to provide relevant value propositions, such as the Make Your Own Bundle, that give you control over your data and voice expenditure. As such, Get Hook’d connects Kenya’s Gen Z with opportunities that align with their aspirations and interests.